”Regulation is necessary to protect our natural environment, keep our food and medicine safe, and ensure fair competition and fair treatment of our workers.”

Marco Rubio.


”Good regulation should be conducive to business and to customer protection.”

James Dimon.


”I will enhance quality testing of medicines by adequately training staff in international quality standards and provide needed laboratory infrastructures.”

Prof Mojisola Adeyeye (NAFDAC DG).


”Standardisation is one of the best ways of attracting foreign direct investment into the country and sustaining them, while providing confidence and competitive edge to manufacturers’ products, as well as quality assurances to consumers.”

Osita Aboloma (SON DG).


Established in 2012  Divifilus has provided high level consulting services to the cosmetics, drug, food, water  industry during the evolving regulatory landscape.  We are at a time of true global cosmetics, drug, food, water development and registration. It is a regulated, and now a globally competitive industry with powerful digital tools to expedite filings. Our focus has been and remains on strict GMP observance process. We help you manage your program to proof-of-concept.

  • Assists clients that want to register regulated products (food, water, drug, cosmetics etc.) with NAFDAC, SON and other regulatory bodies
  • Installation and Maintenance of Water Treatment Plant
  • Obtain Advert Permit / Import Permit
  • Providing up to date regulatory standards.

By turning our attention to these key areas we are able to work across many regulatory industries and accordingly, work with many government established regulatory agencies.  This experience has allowed our clients to have successful meetings and submissions; create realistic strategic plans, and achieve optimal efficiency within the product life cycle.