About us

REGULATORY MATTER is an online informative media with a special interest in food, water, cosmetics & drug regulatory business, consultancy, career, manufacturing, import permit, GMP and allied matters. We are a team of seasoned experts in regulatory affairs in Nigeria.

Regulatorymatter.com is a concept of Divifilus Nigeria Enterprises which is a regulatory-based company which assists clients that want to register regulated products (food, water, drug, cosmetics, etc.) with NAFDAC, SON, and other regulatory bodies.

Also, we help our clients to obtain advert/import permit.

Our Compliance service ensures your products meet the current Standards & Regulations of the target country and include services such as Label Validation (Ensure your product label meets the requirement of the relevant Standards), Product Compliance (Ensure your product ingredients & parameters complies with the relevant Standards), Document and Certification compliance, etc. We also verify the import requirement for a given product and verify the available documents and identify the remaining requirements as well.

Furthermore, we install and maintain the treatment plant for water-based factories/industries. Purchase & installation of industrial machines.

We have a good track record of 7 years. Our clients include and not limited to:

  • Koolscent Nigeria Limited (registration of Swit-Attribut Air Freshener), Agbara, Ogun state.
  • Davabol Nigeria Limited, Lagos State
  • Snowflakes Skin & Hair Enterprises, Camp, Abeokuta-Ibadan Expressway, Abeokuta, Ogun State. 
  • Technology Incubation Centre, Expoyo, Samonda, Ibadan,  Oyo State. 
  • SESE Enterprises, Ikorodu, Lagos state.

Kunle Abiola: CEO & Co-Founder

Hannah Omowumi: Facilitator & Co-founder

Ayodeji Ojo: ICT officer

Olusegun Adebowale: Installation engineer

Osinubu Folake: Marketing.