This is the process of collaboration between a standard factory producing similar product with a factory that is not up to standard/producer that does not have a factory. It is an agreement that will allow the latter to register their product(s) with NAFDAC on agreed terms and conditions.

The cost implication include Read More

22 Most Famous Water Regulatory Quotes



World water day is celebrated globally on the 22nd of March every year and its essence is to raise the awareness of fresh water and to ensure the sustainability of fresh water resources’ management. In commemoration of this year’s event which theme is ‘Leaving no one behind’, here are famous 22 water regulatory quotes.

  1. Saving our planet, lifting people out of poverty, advancing economic growth… these are one and the same fight. We must connect the dots between climate change, water scarcity, energy shortages, global health, food security and women’s empowerment. Solutions to one problem must be solutions for all – Ban Ki-moon
  2.  “For many of us, Read More

‘He was my hero’, says mother whose son died because of Listeria

A South African woman described her son as a “hero” after he died due to listeriosis and she was cleared of any symptoms.

Vuyani Moledi became pregnant with a boy while studying at The University of South Africa (UNISA).

She was seven months pregnant when she was rushed to the hospital and two days after her son was born he passed away. Testing during this time by doctors found he had listeriosis. She was discharged after three days in the hospital.

“What I keep telling everyone is that when I had the listeriosis it came out with my son, I was left with none of it whatsoever, I didn’t have any symptoms. That is why I say he is my hero as he basically saved my life. His name was Favour,” Moledi told Food Safety News.

“It was tough last year as I had just lost him. Since then we are trying to be positive. I am trying to be a better person like I would have wanted to be if he was here. So basically I am trying to live a positive life Read More

Optimum Lux Requirements (Regulations) for Meat Processing Plant

Lux is the SI unit of illuminance which is equal one lumen per square metre. Many processing plants find it difficult to determine the light requirements. The following are the necessary lux requirements:

  • All rooms and areas of the establishment must be properly lighted by natural/artificial light or both. Special attention must be given to the amount and direction of lighting in inspection areas to prevent glare while providing the required maximum illumination. All light in meat product inspection areas shall be without shadow glare and have a minimum colour rendering index value (CRI) of 85 so as not to distort the normal colour of meat products. Lux is an important consideration.


Specifically: Read More

South Africa’s Woolworths recalls frozen rice product at the wake of listeria outbreak in Europe

South African department store chain Woolworths Holdings Ltd is recalling a frozen savoury rice mix following a worldwide product recall issued by the Hungarian Food Safety Agency due to an outbreak of listeria in Europe.

More than a week ago, the Hungarian agency banned the marketing of all frozen vegetable and frozen mixed vegetable products made by the affected Hungarian plant and ordered their Read More

NAFDAC Requirements for Imported Products



Registration/Renewal Guidelines for Imported Food/ Drinks / Cosmetic/ Medical Device / Herbal

/Nutraceutical/Pesticide/Agrochemica1/Animal Feed Products




The following documents (all originals and two (2) sets of photocopies) are to be submitted:


  1. Notarized Declaration: To be type-filled and notarized by a Notary Public here in Nigeria See attached format


  1. Power of Attorney or Contract Man ufacturing Agreement: ; Power of Attorney shall be:
    1. Issued by the manufacturer of the
    2. Signed by the MD, GM, Chairman or President of the Company, stating the names of the products to be registered The Power of Attorney shall also indicate ‘authority to register product with NAFDAC ’
    3. State ownership of: brand name(s)/Trademark
    4. Notarized & by Notary’ public in the count of
    5. Valid for at least five (5) – Contract Manufacturing Agreement:
  2. Shall be notarized by a notary public in the country of
  3. Shall be signed by both parties stating marries and designations of the signatories with the names of all the products to be registered end other relevant clauses clearly explained in an unambiguous

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