Difference Between Administrative Approval & Fast Track Processes

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The process of registering regulatory products with NAFDAC usually takes a period of 3months or more depending on the product. Thus many manufacturers are discouraged to register their products. In light of this, NAFDAC introduced two processes to enable able and willing producers to register their products and obtain the registration number as soon as possible.

The two processes are: Administrative Approval and Fast Track.

Administrative Approval: the process involves submitting all the necessary documents as required by NAFDAC and make the official payment. Then you ………. Read More

Basic Requirements for NAFDAC Registration

As the government is planning to diversify & shift from monoeconomy base to multi economy, it is obvious that one of the key sector the government is trying to revamp is the agricultural sector. As it develops, there will be other chain of business opportunities that will be created. These include processing, preservation & packaging of agricultural produce especially those with low shelf life & are seasonal. Government is also embarking on entrepreneurship drive, which will help to shift youth focus from ………. Read More

Basic Requirements For Bread Registration


Please arrange four (4) photocopies of the documents in the order it appears below and present the originals for sighting.
1. Application letter (on Company’s letter-headed paper) addressed to:
The Director, Food Safety And Applied Nutrition Directorate:
Labeling (Art work)
The labels of the packaging materials should be in the following ……….. Read More