How to Overcome Product License Renewal Challenge

Treatment plant modules

It is no more news that a minimum fee of #50,000 is attached to late renewal of food and other products license. Though some manufacturers deliberately delayed/procrastinated on the renewal process. Others are simply not aware when to start the renewal process which may be due to the fact they don’t have the product notification for the previous renewal process; making them to pay the for late renewal. As the saying goes that; Ignorance is not an excuse before the law.

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Optimum Lux Requirements (Regulations) for Meat Processing Plant

Lux is the SI unit of illuminance which is equal one lumen per square metre. Many processing plants find it difficult to determine the light requirements. The following are the necessary lux requirements:

  • All rooms and areas of the establishment must be properly lighted by natural/artificial light or both. Special attention must be given to the amount and direction of lighting in inspection areas to prevent glare while providing the required maximum illumination. All light in meat product inspection areas shall be without shadow glare and have a minimum colour rendering index value (CRI) of 85 so as not to distort the normal colour of meat products. Lux is an important consideration.


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